Free wireless internet servicein Tam Dao

Tam Dao means three islands - a mountain range located about 75 km north of Hanoi. The significant shorter distance from Hanoi to Tam Dao compared to Sapa gives this area many advantages. One can easily combine the visit to the mountain retreat area with a road trip from Hanoi. The cool climate and extensive green is another advantage, especially in the summer where Hanoi always seems overheated.

There are Sixty wi-fi hotspots is equipped  and  covering a circular area of 300 metres in diameter, will ensure simultaneous internet access for 10,000 users and will begin operating by the end of the year 2013 in the central area of Tam Dao town, which includes many hotels and office buildings.

This service is promote the information of this town to visitors by offering them easy, free and convenient access to information.

Beside, Hoian, Halong, Hue also already established free wi-fi internet systems for both local people and tourists.

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